MegaStun aka O-Mega S-120 Stun Gun – NO SHEATH INCLUDED – Legal Max Amps. – 120,000 volts


  • Top choice of power companies, animal control agencies, and law enforcement for protection against dog or other animal attacks. Self-defense, security, animal control and peace of mind.
  • It has an electrified shaft, so no one can grab it from you. Dare them to try!
  • Once again this product is LONG: Approx. 19 inches or 480mm. and weighs 2 pounds with the batteries installed.
  • It runs on 2 9V Batteries. We say “no” to cheap rechargeable batteries that, too often, fail.

Light weight and powerful


In stock


This Stun Gun is used widely by FORTUNE 500 power companies, police and military forces, and animal control shelters to prevent vicious animal attacks.

Light weight and powerful.

S-120 specifications:

  • Legal Max Amps, 120,000 volts
  • 19″ (480mm); 23″ with wrist band.
  • Compliant with Canadian Law that requires Stun Devices to measure 480mm.
  • UPPER HALF OF S-120 IS ELECTRIFIED to guard against someone grabbing it from you.
  • Uses 2 9v Batteries
  • Used by Fortune 500 utility companies and animal control agencies to guard against dog attacks.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 3 in

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    1. Kurt,

      Unfortunately, right now we have not been able to restock because of supply disruptions due to the pandemic. We don’t have an ETA, yet, but it will not be until 2021. So sorry. Please check back in with us in 2021.

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