Facts and Fallacies about MegaStun and O-Mega Stun Guns



FALLACY #1: “She’s safe, she carries a gun in her purse. She can shoot him before he gets close.”

FACT #1: No she isn’t safe, and no, she can’t stop him from a distance! One second she’s walking alone, the next she’s got company, and he’s pulling her toward his body, usually from the back. More and more women are found battered, bleeding or dead with a gun or other weapon, still in their purse. There is no warning when the attack happens.

FALLACY #2: “I don’t want to get that close. I don’t want to have to touch him.”

FACT #2: Unfortunately, you have no choice. The attacker will be touching you! Most attacks on women, come from the back and by total surprise. With an O-Mega Stun Gun, you will have the power and will be in the ideal position to stop an attacker.

FALLACY #3: “He’ll be able to take it away from me and use it on me.”

FACT #3: No, he won’t! If used correctly, the Stun gun will be attached to your wrist, when you are walking alone in a precarious zone: at night, parking lots, shady neighborhoods. Simply, take your O-Mega Stun Gun out of your purse and slip it on to your wrist. You’re now ready. Even if your arms are full, the Stun Gun can dangle freely from your wrist. You can’t fumble or drop it. And when the attacker tries to grab you, he’ll be in for a big surprise!

FALLACY #4: “If the attacker touches me while I’m shocking him, the electricity will shock me too.”

FACT #4: It won’t and it cannot. O-Mega Stun Guns operate with direct current andthe electricity becomes grounded in the attacker’s body and can’t charge back into you. In fact, all that it can do is stop the attack. It does this electrically by overloading the attacker’s voluntary muscles (ability to move and speak) so the muscles give up and collapse without killing or permanently injuring. The attacker becomes like jello in seconds and is immobilized long enough for you to leave the scene, get help or restrain the attacker until the police arrive.

FALLACY #5: “I’m afraid if I ever use it, the person might have a heart attack and die.”

FACT #5: The electricity of the O-Mega Stun Gun short circuits only the nerve impulses going to the voluntary muscles and does not effect the other systems. Please read our medical reports and studies. The products are NON-LETHAL.



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